Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Have you ever only used a stamp once? or am i the only strange one, I'm the same with movies and books i can only watch or read them once, I'm the same with stamps, once then stacked away in the draws but then i thought HEY!!! i should be making as much use out of these as possible so i have created three rather different atc's using the same stamp but with three totally different techniques, This first one you all know as the water colour technique of rubbing water colour paints onto a stamped image on water colour paper and then taking off with a watered brush, ( thanks to Kelsey for showing me this technique) and then just added a stamp which I'm really into at the moment, i mean postage and then used a couple of image's and embossed in white embossing powder stuck a charm on and put a round scrapbox ring which has been sitting in my draw for i don't know how long, but its always great to use stuff out of your stash, then i don't feel like i am hoarding it all....
This second one i had fun with, i used the credit card technique here and loved doing this, this is my first time trying this technique if you haven't tried it before have fun and have a look here,
this is fun i used three different colours and then stamped out the image on white card and just cut out the man and the 4 bit, mounted the 4 and threw a phrase and but a crown and some butterfly wings on him, and hes done, doesn't he look just

Last but not least, this one took me the longest, and the scan doesn't do him justice as he looks a lot better in the flesh, i gathered a few textual ( is that a word?) pieces, ie. a calender and piece of measuring tape
and a bit off a an old book i have written in Russian that i have no idea what it says, but oh well, then i have used shellac, which is beeswax that has been mixed with i think its thinners I'm not sure, my hubby is a french polisher by trade and he makes the solution up for me, if anyone wants to know the solution just email me and ill find out.. then after two coats i have stamped the stamp onto a transparency with black staz on ink and fixed it to the background with a gel medium as this dries clear and you cant tell where you have adhered it. then just added the memories word from collections added a couple of eyelets and we are done, Now i can put my stamp in my collection never to be used well lets see we might need a use for it one day.


Gillian Hamilton said...

Hi Michelle, Oh you have had fun... I love the one in the middle, because it's so unexpected.. brilliant use of that great stamp on all three,they are all gorgeous. Thanks for that link too, I'll have to go and check it out.. :o)

kelsey said...

Very nice 3 atc's Michelle .... particularly like the colours in the first one! Isn't the Fresco technique so much fun? It's one of those that you're never quite sure how it's going to turn out. Would love to see the atc with the shellac on it in real life!

Elizabeth Harms said...

Hey GF just love the atc's triptychs you have done. Now you can say that you have used the stamp more that once. Love the Shellac one the most i think. But wonderful work all round.


Natalie B said...

Hi Michelle, Love these ATC's! Especially like the look of the shellac one. Well done using your stamp 3 times. I'm a bit the same as you and it's one of my NY resolutions to use my stamps more and my stash of "bits" more. Nice meeting you (briefly) at SAJ's on Fri. I have moved to TP now, so probably wont get to catch up again for a little while. Take care
Natalie Briney

Tania1 said...

these are gorgeous! .. So pleased I found your blog .. Ill be back :)

littledawnieno1 said...

Hi Michelle

All three are just super.Too hard to pic a fav, I love them all.Great use of your stamp and all so different.Would love to see these up close at SAJ.

Great work

Natalie Wolfe said...

Hi Michelle,
Love that watercolour ATC - that has worked beautifully - isn't it such a wonderful technique!!