Sunday, March 4, 2007


Thought i would give myself a challange, i have just started doing my own techniques book one of those visual arts diarys, ( like i dont have enough to do already, i can hear some of you saying.) but i thought i would use an oldie but a goodie, as i really hadn't tried it before, but did the crackle effect i have tried this before and hasnt worked but i walked into scrapbooking to di for, here in perth and they had a sign saying "never fail, crackle" okay so i bought it, and it works great as you can see, the brand is duncan and it is SP 401 quik-crackle, and it is right it is a never fail crackle which is what i need, now i just need to find a neverfail gel medium transfer and i will be right, I have also done an atc using this method, and i didnt stop there i will be uploading some altered bobbins as well while i was in the mood.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Okay thought i had better scan it before i popped it in the envelope and posted it, here is Elizabeths Key tag i made for her using the Industria Technique, Hope she likes it, And Hi Elizabeth, if your having a sneak peekie, i had fun making this one for you Elizabeth, Its nice to make something for someone else, well off to bed an early one tomorrow.
Night everyone...xxxxx

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Im back, been a while

IM back it has been too long, i have been flat out with work but am ready to get back on that craft band wagon again, but first i have had a greys Anatomy marathon weekend, it started out on friday night where i watched a dvd i received from my mother as a christmas present, it was season 1 of greys anatomy, which i have never watched, WELL!!! that was the beginning i am now hooked so had to get season 2 from the video store last night which is 1500 minutes, i dont know how i did but i managed to watch it all by 7pm tonight, I have never cried so much in my life in one weekend, But anyways onto the art work, firstly I have discovered cold laminate, so on this mini tag i have made for Linda Baldocks mini tag swap are wings using cold laminate, i love this stuff and im sure i will be using this a lot for future projects, this tag is only abuot 2 inches tall, so when i get the swap back ill upload to the blog so you can all see.

And here is my altered 2 of hearts for another swap for an altered card deck, which i think is going to be an awesome swap so this is my first installment, i thought i might use the technique ( i dont know what it is called) where you get an image and cover everything bar the image in gesso and use a paint over the top of that, i dont think i am explaining it too well but i love this effect and have just received some lovely cabinet cards so i wil be using this technique also, And last but not lease, i have to thank Elizabeth Harms for my Two ( you naughty girl you were only supposed to send me one) key tags which i will definatly be putting to good use and showing off, that she sent me, using the industria technique. Well bye for now, and ill back tomorrow with more. And im feeling a little greys anatomy withdrawels already..........................

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Have you ever only used a stamp once? or am i the only strange one, I'm the same with movies and books i can only watch or read them once, I'm the same with stamps, once then stacked away in the draws but then i thought HEY!!! i should be making as much use out of these as possible so i have created three rather different atc's using the same stamp but with three totally different techniques, This first one you all know as the water colour technique of rubbing water colour paints onto a stamped image on water colour paper and then taking off with a watered brush, ( thanks to Kelsey for showing me this technique) and then just added a stamp which I'm really into at the moment, i mean postage and then used a couple of image's and embossed in white embossing powder stuck a charm on and put a round scrapbox ring which has been sitting in my draw for i don't know how long, but its always great to use stuff out of your stash, then i don't feel like i am hoarding it all....
This second one i had fun with, i used the credit card technique here and loved doing this, this is my first time trying this technique if you haven't tried it before have fun and have a look here,
this is fun i used three different colours and then stamped out the image on white card and just cut out the man and the 4 bit, mounted the 4 and threw a phrase and but a crown and some butterfly wings on him, and hes done, doesn't he look just

Last but not least, this one took me the longest, and the scan doesn't do him justice as he looks a lot better in the flesh, i gathered a few textual ( is that a word?) pieces, ie. a calender and piece of measuring tape
and a bit off a an old book i have written in Russian that i have no idea what it says, but oh well, then i have used shellac, which is beeswax that has been mixed with i think its thinners I'm not sure, my hubby is a french polisher by trade and he makes the solution up for me, if anyone wants to know the solution just email me and ill find out.. then after two coats i have stamped the stamp onto a transparency with black staz on ink and fixed it to the background with a gel medium as this dries clear and you cant tell where you have adhered it. then just added the memories word from collections added a couple of eyelets and we are done, Now i can put my stamp in my collection never to be used well lets see we might need a use for it one day.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Okay havnt done anything creative, i have a couple of things that should be uploaded in the next couple of days they are just taking a bit longer than expected, so heres a creation i just found in my "To Do" basket that i did about a year ago it is a little mini booklet that a few of my friends were going to each do a page in, and the poor thing has been sitting on the shelf, if you cant make out th words it does actually say Friends but being a small peice it couldnt all fit on,

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

water colour paints- more atc's

Here are todays cards, thanks to kelseys inspirational fresco ( water colour) technique that she showed us at the atc contininium #3 i decided to finally give this ago after seeing kelseys recent examples on her blog, so here are my attempts, i like the lady butterfly i think she is my favourite at the moment, and the other arty one i sort of stamplifted of kelsey as i think she has done one similar, but absolutely love this technique and it is totally addictive i did about 4 lots but only two lots turned out, so i might do a whole page in my altered book on this technique which i will share with you soon.

Monday, January 8, 2007

greta garbo

Here is Greta Garbo looking very glam with her blue jewels, she looking a bit cold though, this one was done for arty oz swaps and will be swapped out at the end of the month.

Saturday, January 6, 2007


Here i have used serviettes and an image, i started off with paper out of an old hymn book that i got at an op shop for .20c i tore the flowers of a serviette and pasted them on with glue when you do this, you can see through the serviette ( also make sure you take of all the backing of the serviette, sometimes they come with two or three layers) then i adhered an image and used mod podge to paste over the image, and used some rub-ons to make the word diva, then using the Vaseline technique i placed Vaseline on the image and the bits i wanted to show up, then coat the whole peice with gold paint, allow to set for about half hour then i like to use a wet tissue and rub off the gold paint, where you have applied the Vaseline your paint wont stick so it wll stick to the parts where you didn't Vaseline. quick and easy old method where you can end up with a great effect. I have also used this technique with the altered book book and the love page which was using the same serviettes, so next time you are out shopping and see some interesting serviettes grab them they can go a long way.....

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Heres a layout i found in my cupboard ( i know bad place for a page!!) This is me Robert and benjamin when we went to tasmania, we had a ball and we are hoping to go there again very soon as that is where i am from. The photo was a $45 to have taken but how priceless is that picture.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Monday, January 1, 2007

Another quick atc, i tried to do a transfer technique which turned out a mess, so i had to get some images and quickly cover up the result, and this is what i came up with, and has been traded with yetta from the USA

altered board book

Thought i would add the pictures of the books i did on the arty oz altered book site, so here they are.

This atc was done for a charmed oriental swap, i downloaded the background paper from a great source for asian papers here is the link the image for the asain lady is from,
and her tiara is some sort of fastner for jewelery i had for sale that no one wanted to buy so i ended up using them up as tiaras, so they didnt go to waste after all.

Hi, well ive done it, finally decided to keep up with the jones's and get the blogger going, Its New Years day and i have made a couple of atc's so here they are, a couple of simple ones to start with. This one was an easy one, just some papers, made a simple house, then added the image, and a charm of a butterfly and Viola!! all done. My New Years resolutions were to create more and be on time for swaps, so so far so good, already done an asian swap that is due on 15th of this month and made 4 atc's so lets hope i can keep it