Sunday, March 4, 2007


Thought i would give myself a challange, i have just started doing my own techniques book one of those visual arts diarys, ( like i dont have enough to do already, i can hear some of you saying.) but i thought i would use an oldie but a goodie, as i really hadn't tried it before, but did the crackle effect i have tried this before and hasnt worked but i walked into scrapbooking to di for, here in perth and they had a sign saying "never fail, crackle" okay so i bought it, and it works great as you can see, the brand is duncan and it is SP 401 quik-crackle, and it is right it is a never fail crackle which is what i need, now i just need to find a neverfail gel medium transfer and i will be right, I have also done an atc using this method, and i didnt stop there i will be uploading some altered bobbins as well while i was in the mood.